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這世界的不幸與偉大- 它沒有給予我們真理,卻給予我們愛的對象。卡 謬

情無法認真。 認真的不是談感情, 而是講規矩;
如果沒辦法自己有完全的安全感, 則談不起感情。

你 必 需 道 別 / 七 月 午 后 / 近 乎 傷 心 之 歌 / 愛 的 眼 神
( Burt Bacharach cover)
_ Martyn Bates of Eyeless in Gaza
"The Return Of The Quiet", the first formal solo album, 1987.

martyn bates The Return Of The Quiet 回 歸 靜 謐 I 9 8 7 from Jérôme Smith Ju on Vimeo.

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倆倆坐著 用它梳洗
而他們聆聽齒嚙 學習如何慎戒
- Lover's spit (2002), Broken Social Scene

忘記世界 也被世界遺忘
實現每個禱告 辭退每個願望

- Eloisa to Abelard (1717), Alexander Pope

Edmund Leighton, Abaelard and his Pupil Heloise (1882), Bridgeman Art Library, London, U.K.

thank you: apalko, mikejbrand & rowanlubke posting in UTube. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind- Broken Social Scene by Zayka69.

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愛 是 . . 2 O I I

在我遇到 Jörn之前, 我並不熱衷支持同性婚姻合法, 因為我嚮往過不固定性伴侶, 像王爾德作怪, 過去保守風氣底下的同志生活。 但遇到 Jörn之後這一切改變了 - Rufus McGarrigle Wainwright ( 22 Jul. 1973- )

我不以這種或那種來標籤自己。 過去我和男人, 現在我和女人, 都有美好的關係。 我愛我愛的人, 重要的是這個人- Amber Heard ( 22 Apr. 1986- )

愛是天堂 恨是地獄 小心走你的路 兩者近若比鄰

晚 帶著朋友的勸諭
我夢到我前 B (j)

穿插許多事件 讓我和他都疲於應付
然後我們置身鄉間的某處 白茫茫的徬徨裡 我們不知該往哪去 ..

疲憊的醒來 很不是滋味 剛從迷陣脫身 換來形單影隻
我決定不必讓他 覺得我在折磨他 (e)
我隨便套上衣服 下樓穿上雨衣
.. 這時是午夜一點半

一如往常 我開啟了外頭的鐵門 裡面的木頭門沒鎖
喇叭鎖上方的門鎖 卻已換新
一時 我連去確認這道新鎖到底上鎖沒
我穿回雨衣 轉身回到下著雨的樓下

e 早已換新門鎖 不等這副舊的鑰匙 還回他的手上
「你就把自己鎖在裡頭吧 .. 」
騎回原路的我 雨中思忖著 ..

.. 幾天後
我將音樂換上音符裡 全部見不到他的那些音樂

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耶 誕 為 誰 作 響 20II.. For Whom the Christmas Tolls. 迦薩失明人 Eyeless in Gaza, Martyn Bates, Low, Sufjan Stevens, Fleet Foxes 飄忽的狐狸

Martyn Bates: 一首當我們還困在音樂試聽帶時候的作品.. 這類的音樂當時玩起來或聽到都很新鮮.. 十分實驗, 我記得, 彼特在錄音室而我在廚房.. 我們玩得有些拮据.. 換句話說, 事實上我們不曉得別人在做什麼.. 耶, 很棒.. 過癮!

Peter Becker: 這讓我想起當你還小, 而且是個耶誕節的晚上.. 下著雪, 而你站在屋外的街燈下.. 那種亮著黃光, 帶點橘色的燈火.. 你抬頭看, 只看到橘色的光影, 而雪花正落在所有的東西上.. 但有時候, 雪看起來像在街燈周遭打轉, 或高, 或低, 或左右.. 而你開始覺得頭昏眼花.. 時間正逢年末節慶, 你覺得這有點神奇.. 這在這首作品表露無疑.. 除了孩子的純真, 也在跳脫常軌的吊詭之間, 表現出情緒.. 這似乎是 迦薩失明人 音樂核心的往日重現.. autumn, '81

2 early recordings, Eyeless In Gaza and the vocalist Martyn Bates.
街 燈, 下 著 雪 _ 存 在 肌 膚 的 香 味, 1981.

Low: The Little Drummer Boy ( traditional), 1999.
Sufjan Stevens
: Agels We Have Heard on High ( traditional), 2002. _ Fleet Foxes: White Winter Hymnal, 2008.

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▼ 殺 手 裡 一 朵 花 _ Brandon Flowers of The Killers, the sixth annual Christmas song: 牛仔的耶誕舞會, 2 0 1 1 ɛ cover+ʂ

All proceeds from the song go to AIDS charities as part of the (PRODUCT)RED campaign, headed by Bono and Bobby Shriver.

斯維加斯的殺手 第六年錄製耶誕歌 歌曲收益全數捐助全球防治愛滋.結核病和瘧疾基金 (PRODUCT)RED 作為愛滋慈善 透過 iTunes下載
Way out in Old Nevada, where the Truckee‘s waters flow,
Where the cattle are “a-browzin’,” an’ the Spanish ponies grow;
Where the Northers “come a-whistlin’” from beyond the Neutral Strip;
And the prairie dogs are sneezin’, as if they had “...The Grip”;
Where the cayotes come a-howlin’ ‘round the ranches after dark,
And the bluebirds are a-singin’ to the lovely “meadow lark”;
Where the bighorns are a-grazin’ and the lonely plovers call —
It was there that I attended “The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball.”

The boys had left the ranches and come to town in piles;
The ladies —”kinda scatterin" — had gathered in for miles..
The room was togged out gorgeous-with mistletoe and shawls,
And candles flickered frescoes, around the airy walls.
The “wimmin folks” looked lovely-the boys looked kinda treed,
Till the leader got to yellin’: “Hey! fellers, let’s stampede,”
And the music started sighin’, an’ awailin’ through the hall
As a kind of introduction to “The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball.”

Their leader was a feller that came from Swenson’s ranch,
They called him “Windy Billy,” from “little Deadman’s Branch.”
His rig was “kinda careless,” big spurs and high-heeled boots;
He had the reputation that come when “a fellers shoots.”
His voice was like a bugle upon the mountain’s height;
His feet were animated an’ a mighty, movin’ sight,
When he commenced to hollerin’, “Now, fellers stake your pen!
"Lock horns with all them heifers, an’ russle ‘em like men.
"Saloot yer lovely critters; now swing an’ let ‘em go,
"Climb the grape vine ‘round ‘em — all hands do-ce-do!
"You Mavericks, join the round-up- Just skip her waterfall,”
Huh! hit wuz gettin’ happy, “The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball!”

Don’t tell me ‘bout cotillions, or germans. No sire ‘ee!
That whirl at Carson City just takes the cake with me.
I’m sick of lazy shufflin’s, of them I’ve had my fill,
Just Give me a frontier break-down, backed up by Wild Bill.
McAllister ain’t nowhar: when Windy leads the show,
I’ve seen ‘em both in harness, and so I sorta know —
Oh, Bill, I sha’n’t forget yer, and I’ll oftentimes recall,
That lively gaited sworray — ”The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball.”
Oh, Bill, I sha’n’t forget yer, and I’ll oftentimes recall,
That lively gaited sworray — ”The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball.”

The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball lyrics by The Killers, a William Lawrence Chittenden poem (1890) of the same name.

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娛 樂 分 區 - 傳 送 ___ Nov. '7 9 , Dec. '8 0. A fan video of '1 1

Ian was never that happy.. MrPeguin666 wrote in UTube. Thanks softwareDR for posting.

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耳語 20II. 汲 皇 異 鄉 身 為 客 α Welchmαn Singer αbroαd _ Anthony Reynolds of 90's Jack

耳 語 _ gentle ʃounds


王 安 石 ( 北宋 一O六一, 40歲 ) ─ 送 鄧 監 簿 南 歸

這 世 界 與 如 何 活 著, 失 望:
Anthony Reynolds
( Feb. 4) Froggy's Session, 17 février 2011, Paris.
sings Jack's song ( from the debut album): F.U. 2011, Paris.

天 文 為 王
: Anthony Reynolds sings Syd Barrett ( Jan. 6 1946– Jul. 7 2006) of Pink Floyd's 1967 song ( from the debut album): Astronomy Domine.
Livorno, Italy, 7 maggio 2009.

Thank you: Froggydelight, marcolenzi67 and AnthonyJohnFReynolds in YTube. Fringilla coelebs pic from wiki.Anthony Reynolds ' compendium Life's Too Long 1995- 2011, 2CD-set featuring tracks of Jack, Jacques and his solos on Scotland's Chaffinch Records.

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秋 詩 篇 篇 v ɪ. 冬 日, 收 悉 秋 於 遠 方 駐 紮 _Eyeless in Gaza 加 薩 失 明 人 '80, '81 Σ _Xmal Deutschland χ 標 誌 的 德 國 '85, '86

The first three compilations of Eyeless in Gaza :

科 達 鬼 魅 的 失 神 瘋 Kodak Ghosts Run Amok ( chronological singles Etc 1980-1986), Cherry Red Records in vinly and cassette, cd only in Japan, 1987.
傾 刻 的 憂 鬱 Transience Blues , Belgian Integrity Records, 1990.
橘 子 冰 和 蠟 筆 Orange Ice & Wax Crayons, Document Records, '92.

.....................................P. s . for Michael / . Fear clutches 恐 懼 抓 著

Kodak Ghosts Run Amok 7", Eyeless in Gaza the first release in 1980.

Σ_ 秋 惑 冬 眠
X Mal Deutschland
autumn , 1985, '86
She closed the door for the last time
Repeating the words: "Cruel all moons and bitter the suns"
And her mind slips through night opened windows
Leaving two shadows behind.. A dream of creatures
With autumn coloured faces
Their bodies vent to earth
Falling under the spell of this spinning world
And her mind slips through night opened windows
Leaving two shadows behind
.. carlamccoy wrote in UTube

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秋 詩 篇 篇 v. 惆 悵 客 座 秋 難 宿 whenever wherever whoever caught simultaneously in the nostalgic nights of this Fall ..

你離開我,就是旅行的意義 ─ 陳 綺 真

吉田拓郎 Takuro Yoshida 旅の宿 1972, 襟裳岬 1974

徒勞 Futility (1918), a Wilfred Owen (18 Mar. 1893– 4 Nov. 1918, killed in WWI action) poem, composed by Virginia Astley, 1982.

War Requiem Op. 66 (1963, conducted by composer), a non-liturgical setting of the Requiem Mass composed by Benjamin Britten, made into film by Derek Jarman, 1988.

Ich hatt' einen Kameraden "I had a comrade"
a Ludwig Uhland poem (1809), composed by Friedrich Silcher

Stempellied 1929 (Lied der Arbeitslosen), a Robert Gilbert poem, Einheitsfrontlied (United Front Song) & Auferstanden aus Ruinen (Risen from Ruins), composed by Hanns Eisler

國父紀念歌 詞: 戴傳賢, 曲: 黎錦暉

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世界是一本書,不旅行的人只讀了一頁 ─ 奧 古 斯 丁

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秋 詩 篇 篇 ɪv. 遙 遠 的 ! 夏,落 後 不 明 的 秋 意 _ Ultravox 超音波 '77, between '82- '86 and Trisomie 21 第21對染色體三體變異 '83, '86

界上到處都會發生很多不其然的邂逅。 重要的是: 這些平凡的邂逅, 會導致怎樣的結果 - M. D u r a s

────── 遙 遠 的 夏 ──────

( i)
Ultravox, the last three albums before Midge Ure's leaving, 1 9 8 6.

6th: Quartet 四 重 奏 ,1982;7th: Lament 哀 歌 ,1984;
8th: U-Vox U 音 波 ,1986

A finger points to show a scene
( Take my hand, take my hand)
Another face where mine had been
( Take my hand, take my hand)
Another footstep where I once walked
Take it all

You take my hand and give me your friendship
I'll take my time and sell you my slow reply
Give me an inch and I'll make the best of it
Take all you want and leave all the rest to die
Reap the wild wind

A footprint haunts an empty floor
( Take my hand, take my hand)
A fading coat that I once wore
( Take my hand, take my hand)

Oh desolation where I once lived
I have seen in times gone by
I have felt a different shadow on the wall
A stranglehold on a certain feeling ─
豐 收 恣 意 的 風

( ii)
" Hiroshima Mon Amour" from Ultravox 1977 the 2nd album
" Ha! -Ha! -Ha!", performed by John Foxx.

Somehow we drifted off too far
Communicate like distant stars
Splintered voices down the 'phone
The sunlit dust, the smell of roses drifts, oh no
Someone waits behind the door
Hiroshima mon amour

Riding inter-city trains
Dressed in European grey
Riding out to echo beach
A million memories in the trees and sands, oh no
How can I ever let them go?
Hiroshima mon amour

Meet beneath the autumn lake
Where only echoes penetrate
Walk through polaroids of the past
Features fused like shattered glass, the sun's so low
Turns our silhouettes to gold

Hiroshima mon amour
─ 廣 島 之 戀

遠方呼喚她, 她迷失在訝異中。 她已成功的將他淹沒於永恆的忘卻之鄉, 而這就是使她驚訝的由來 - M. D u r a s

────── 不 明 的 秋 意 ──────

Trisomie 21 from France the 2nd album: Passions Divisées ,1983
3rd: Chapter IV - Le Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi et Le Presque Rien ,1986

O 年代當我聽歌的時候 我記得我總感覺一種渴求 甚至當它還沒真的開始 已感覺到時間從我這流失。 現在我再聽它 我感到鬆一口氣 : 我人曾在那 見證這首歌
e e e b o p wrote in YouTube

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秋 詩 篇 篇 ɪ ɪ ɪ. 你 拉 扯 的 秋 的 衣 袖 _ _ 公 寓 The Apartments : The Evening Visits.. 黃 昏 的 會 晤 '85 & A Life Full of Farewells 人 生 充 滿 了 道 別 ' 9 5

The Apartments albums nowadays:
'85 The Evening Visits.... 黃 昏 的 會 晤
'93 Drift 飄 浮
'95 A Life Full Of Farewells 人 生 充 滿 了 道 別
'96 Fête Foraine 露 天 遊 樂 場
'97 Apart 分 別

你 保 留 著 的 事 物 / 愛 的 失 敗 是 道 磚 牆 ( 你 但 願 我 迎 向 它 )

The Evening Visits.. the only album of The Apartments in 80s, This Mortal Coil covered "Mr. Somewhere" from it.

Back to '79, the very early works of The Apartments before the 1st album The Evening Visits.... of '85,
" Return Of The Hypnotist 催 眠 師 回 來 " 7" of '79 a n d " All You Wanted 全 部 你 要 的" 7"&12" of '84.

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H a p p y B i r t h d a y to E d d i e Chang, in the southern part of Taiwan. l l j u n 2 o l 5, 仙 人 掌 著 花 一 朵 待 大 熱 入 夜