星期五, 12月 28, 1979

U r a n i a

U r a n i a (/jʊˈreɪniə/; Ancient Greek: Οὐρανία; heavenly, or of heaven) was, in Greek mythology, the muse of astronomy and a daughter of Zeus by Mnemosyne. Those who are most concerned with philosophy and the heavens are dearest to her. Those who have been instructed by her she raises aloft to heaven, for it is a fact that imagination and the power of thought lift men's souls to heavenly heights..

Aphrodite Urania (Ancient Greek: Οὐρανία) was an epithet of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, signifying heavenly or spiritual, to distinguish her from her more earthly aspect of Aphrodite Pandemos  (Ancient Greek: Πάνδημος; pandēmos, of or pertaining to all the people, public), common to all the people.

Hetairai /hɪˈtaɪraɪ/, sing. hetaira /hɪˈtaɪrə/; also hetaera /hɪˈtɪrə/, pl. hetaerae /hɪˈtɪriː/ (Ancient Greek: ἑταίρα, companion, pl. ἑταῖραι) were courtesans — educated, sophisticated female companions. Although most of them engaged in sexual relations with their patrons, hetairai were not simple prostitutes.

P.S. Colitis comes from the Greek word kolon meaning "large intestine," and itis meaning "inflammation." Put the two words together and you have "large intestine inflammation."

星期三, 12月 26, 1979

_D i e s _N a t a l i s

( birthday, anniversary)

  A s c a l a p h u s: Son of Acheron (river of pain) and Orphne (Styx, river of hate). Askalaphos was the custodian of the orchard of Hades. He told the other gods that Persephone had eaten a pomegranate in the Underworld. He was punished by being changed into an screech owl.

 A r g i u s /ˈeɪ gri əs/: Father of six sons, including Melanippus and Thersites, who overthrew Oeneus and gave the kingdom to their father. Agrius and his sons were themselves overthrown by Diomedes, who reinstated his grandfather Oeneus as king.
Agrius convolvuli syn. Sphinx convolvuli L. syn. Herse convolvuli

星期六, 12月 15, 1979

鯨  與  護  紗

進 而, 神 創 造 了 鯨 

14 d e c 20 14

星期四, 12月 13, 1979

神 秘 魚 的 肌 膚 / R o b i n G u t h r i e

E p h i p p i d æ 白 鯧 科 (S p a d e f i s h)
Ephippus orbis 白 鯧
Platax pinnatus (Dusky Batfish), Platax batavianus (Humpback Batfish)

S t r o m a t e i d æ 鯧 科 ( B u t t e r f i s h)
Pampus argenteus 銀 鯧

C e n t r o l o p h i d æ 長 鯧 科 (M e d u s a f i s h)
Psenopsis anomala 刺 鯧, 肉 魚

星期二, 11月 27, 1979

星期一, 11月 26, 1979

x Odontioda : Odontoglossum x Cochlioda (Oncidium), Island Red
x Potinara Brassavola x Cattleya x Laelia (x Sophronitis),
   Janet Elizabeth 'Fire Dancer'
x Laeliocattleya : Laelia x Cattleya, Memoria Evelyn Light
   (Lc. Roy Finley x C. Cherry Chip)
Masdevallia Kaleidoscope 'Conni'

星期日, 11月 25, 1979

Australia, 1 8/ 9/ 1 9 8 6

Elythranthera emarginata
Dendrobium nindii
Caleana major
Thelymitra variegata

C a l e a n a: As of May 2014, only one species is recognised: Caleana major, native to South Australia. Two other species (C. minor and C. nigrita) formerly included in this genus are now regarded as members of a different genus, Paracaleana.

Species in this genus is called "duck orchid" because of the form of the labellum. It is pollinated by the male sawfly in similar way to the pollination of Drakaea (hammer orchid) by the thynnid wasp (Thynnidae).

T h e l y m i t r a: Sun orchids exhibit a particular characteristic: their lip shows, except in a few species such as T. variegata, almost the same shape, colour, colour pattern or size as the other petals and sepals, gives a symmetrical shape to the perianth. Furthermore, the lip lacks ornament- ation. In other orchid genera, the lip has a distinctive shape and colour. The particular shape and color of the sun orchids mimics the flowers of lily family and the family Goodeni- aceae, aiming by deceit for the same insect pollinators.

The Slender Sun Orchid (T.pauciflora) only opens for a short time (or not at all) and is self-pollinating. The deep blue colour, found in about 75% of the sun orchids, is of a rare kind, found only in 5 other orchid genera.

New Zealand, 1 9 9 0

Thelymitra pulchella
Corybas macranthus syn. Nematoceras macranthum
Winika cunninghamii
Pterostylis banksii

C o r y b a s: Nematoceras (Hook.f. 1853) was absorbed by Corybas for a long period before being reinstated, but now it is accepted back into Corybas. Such is the nature of the turmoil in orchid taxonomy.

The name of the genus is derived from the Greek κορύβαντος (korybantos), a male dancer, shown in illustrations wearing a crested helmet, who worshipped the goddess Cybele (Phrygia's only known goddess).

W i n i k a: Winika is a monotypic genus of epiphytic orchids that is endemic to New Zealand, was first discovered and catalogued by Solander as Epidendrum pendulum. Subsequently it was recatalogued as Dendrobium cunning- hamii and stayed that way until M. A. Clements removed it to form Winika cunninghamii (M. A. Clem. et al. 1997).

To quote the authors; "Winika is the accepted old Māori name for this orchid. The name Te Winika was given to the sacred war canoe of the Tainui people because this orchid grew on the tōtara tree (Podocarpus totara) which was hollowed out to form the hull (Moore & Irwin, 1978). We assign the feminine gender to it— Winika cunninghamii. The Māori Queen granted consent to use the name.

a l s o: Callisia fragrans, Adiantum &
Epipremnum aureum syn. Pothos aureus

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星期日, 11月 11, 1979

星期日, 9月 30, 1979

Impatiens L. 1753: a genus of about 850 to 1,000 species of flowering plants. Together with Hydrocera triflora 水角 (L.) Wight et Arn., impatiens make up the family Balsaminaceae A.Rich..

i were a cloud . . 我 是 一 片 雲

The Turn Of A Friendly Card 攤 開 一 張 好 牌
1 9 8 0
There are unsmiling faces and bright plastic chains

And a wheel in perpetual motion
And they follow the races and pay out the gains
With no show of an outward emotion
And they think it will make their lives easier
For God knows, up till now it's been hard
But the game never ends when your whole world depends
On the turn of a friendly card
No, the game never ends when your whole world depends
On the turn of a friendly card...

Potato vine : Solanum crispum 'Glasnevin', Solanum jasminoides 'Album'  l i n k

星期四, 9月 06, 1979

粉 紅 佛 洛 依 德 PiNK FLOyD / / 黎 明 門 口 的 吹 笛 手 l 9 6 7

Phallus multicolor 竹 蓀,
Pleurotus salmoneo-stramineus 杏 鮑 菇, 珊 瑚 菇   l i n k
Auricularia auricula-judae 黑 木 耳,
Tremella fuciformis 銀 耳,
Flammulina velutipes 金 針 菇

星期一, 9月 03, 1979

月 之 暗 面 前_P I N K_F L O Y D avant '7 3

Ziggy Zappada on A Saucerful of Secrets : A great album, the only one with all 5 members on it. It was a great way to fade out Syd Barrett and Introduce David Gilmour, 'Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun' was the only song all 5 members were on, 'Remember A Day' and 'Jugband Blues' were the only other songs Syd was playing...

1 9 6 8 ,  j u n. '6 9o c t. '6 9
1 9 7 0 , '7 1 , '7 2

粉 紅 佛 洛 依 德 :下 議 院 表 決 鐘 - l 9 9 4

星期六, 5月 19, 1979


In 2005, based on molecular DNA sequence evidence, Belamcanda chinensis (L.) DC., the sole species in the genus Belamcanda, was transferred to the genus Iris and renamed Iris domestica ( L.) Goldblatt & Mabb. - 24 aug 2015

星期一, 4月 30, 1979