星期日, 4月 22, 2007

B r u c k n e r / T h i e l e m a n n IV, VII

■ 第 一 質 料 M A T E R I A P R I M A

Prima materia, materia prima or first matter, is the ubiquitous starting material required for the alchemical magnum opus (The great work) and the creation of the philosopher's stone. l i n k

These recordings have been taken from the soundtracks to the shows 'Materia Prima', performed in Holland, Italy, Finland and Denmark, 1988-89, and the 'Unacceptable Face of Freedom', performed in London in 1986. This is a 'restricted issue'.

M ore expressly political than their German counterparts Einstürzende Neubauten, Test Department followed the same tack: A creative use of the ethos in which diverse objects can be used as instruments. Formed in London's New Cross in 1982 by Alistair Adams, Graham Cunningham, Tony Cudlip, Gus Ferguson and Paul Jamrozy, the quintet became renowned for the staging of huge multimedia events at obscure venues, and their political agenda, which has included action against apartheid, the rise of neo-Nazism and Britain's Criminal Justice Act.

星期三, 4月 18, 2007

餚 核 既 盡 杯 盤 狼 籍
  sat. 18 apr 2 o 1 5

使蘇軾在現代,是否將也興起食前拍照,留存杯盤狼藉之先。 外面嘩嘩的下著雨,音響趁機可以開大聲,但是跳針的唱片,硬是把食慾打斷。

花了一番功夫,才把跳針解決。 這張 T e s t D e p t. 買來近二十六年間,沒聽過幾遍,換言: 跳針的軌跡,問題不知何時已存在了這麼久。 解決了跳針問題,才能把專輯單面,好好用唱片聽一回。 吃下肚的東西理應消化順暢,而不是塞不開。

拍御飯糰是無啥可看,但是,T e s t D e p t. 在這,如藏之久矣的佐餐佳釀。